Thursday, November 20, 2008

It has been a week, I know. I am seriously in need of a vacation. Very soon, I might add. And to that, Thanksgiving is next week!! are you serious...where has this year gone? I have been all over the place this week, Chelsea, Mt. Laurel, Huntsville, Downtown....its been a crazy week. I haven't been in my office yet. Until the present moment that is. I am behind on everything. Late ordering Christmas cards, getting people their Baker Farms images, everything I tell you. I hope the Holidays will slow my life down!! HA. Yeah right. After they come, then its time to get down right busy and serious about this wedding thing! Showers!! Yay. And the house. Oh don't even ask about the house. I should take pictures and let you come to that conclusion on your own, but I'll spare you just yet. The real reason for this post is to show off one of our Engagement Photos!! My sweet friend Sarah from work hiked up to the Blue-hole and took them for us. This is the place where Cory proposed! They are fabulous. She emailed me this one to use for our Christmas Cards so I thought I would let you have a look. Thanks Sarah.
(To know more about Sarah go
here! Its a new blog so keep checking!! )

Let me know what you think!!

Today is also my sister's birthday, wish her a Happy Birthday and visit her over at The Family Fields! Happy Birthday Kristin!!


Gran said...

Great picture, K!

Sue said...

That's special for the picture to be taken where he proposed. You two are such a beautiful couple!!!

Kamin said...

Thank you so much!! It was a very sweet day!! Thanks Sue and Gran