Monday, November 24, 2008


My heart is heavy today and today's post is devoted to cultivating your prayers.

This is a sweet couple that attend my church. I took their engagement pictures several months ago the day before their wedding. Several weeks after Dallas was called to duty by our United States Military to Germany. Tomorrow he will be deployed to Iraq. Rebecca, his bride, remains here in Alabama.
No matter your opinion of war, of why we are still fighting overseas, or of our current President, please remember our American brothers and sisters who are there fighting for you. Fighting and sacrificing so we can be safe and free. I want peace too, who doesn't? But as long as we are sending men and women to fight we should support them with our prayers and thoughts. So please join me this week, today, and especially tomorrow and remember them. Remember their families who are longing and waiting for them here. Remember Dallas and Rebecca.
Prayer is powerful. Its real and God is a good God. Talk to him, praise him, thank him, and call on him. He hears you. And Rebecca and Dallas, and many other families will feel your prayers.

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