Monday, November 24, 2008


So I realize that not only will this be my second post in one day and then the only other post in like a week and a half but Thanksgiving isn't for another three days. I couldn't wait, and probably won't have time after this moment to be at a computer again until after Thanksgiving. I love the fall. The weather, the Holidays, and colors, the smells, everything.

I took these few images at my parents several weeks ago when the trees were still gorgeous.

I love the house where I grew up, which is why we are getting married there! Can you see why?

The three trees in front of the house look like this every fall. Its beautiful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Remember the things that make you happy and even the ones that once made you sad. If it weren't for those things where you are would be different.
Love your family and tell them you do.
Pray to the Father who blessed you with one more day here.
Cherish each step you take and never forget the ones you took to get you to today.

Be thankful for your life and everything in it.


CBM Photo said...

I've been dying to see your parents home...i love it!

no wonder you're getting married there.

Kamin said...

=) yay. I know i love it. Thanks C.