Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have a dilemma

Dilemma?? Yes dilemma. These are two fabrics that I have. But which to use where is the issue. One maybe in the living room and the other maybe in the Kitchen?? I dont know. I realize that I am not exact to the point of being ready to hang curtains yet...but the fact still remains I must make a decision and sooner to me is always better than later.

My kitchen is yellow with semi-pale green floors (you have to see to understand, its actually really cool) and brown cabinetry.
And the living room is cream with chocolate crown and shoe molding and hardwood floors! but the rug I bought is olive green, turquoise, and brown. So keep this in mind! and you have already seen our couch.
So, what to do what to do. I think it will be fabric 1 in the living room and fabric 2 in the kitchen but my mind could change by the afternoon, it is still early in the day!!

I'll post pictures of course of the final decision but that will be in the far of future...well hopefully not...!


Sue said...

I vote for fabric 1 in the living room...of course either will be beautiful!!

Kamin said...

haha. Thanks Sue.

codie lee said...

i really like the fabric 1! that is super cute...